Low residue diet.

Úvod Low residue diet.



Low residue diet has clear order and rules. It is a diet that focuses on easily digestible foods that do not inflate and do not leave visible leftovers and do not irritate the intestinal mucosa. It is also designated for patients with a disease or chronic disorder such as Crohn's disease and Ulcerative colitis. It is also administered in acute intestinal disorders.


The main principle of this diet is the specialization on some foodstuffs. It is a case of foods with a high content of proteins, reduced in fat and with a lower limit of fibre. The calorie value is reduced. A free-range diet is specialized in intestines regeneration. We should consume foods that do not contain fibre and a lot of fat. Then intestinal peristalsis is minimal, intestines are not stressed and they regenerate. It is what investigate a colonoscopy. The Low residue diet prefers food preparation in the manner as stewing,

fat-free cooking and baking. 


Advantages: Regeneration of the digestive system, positive health point of view, opportunity to lose surplus kilograms in weight.


Disadvantages: Total limitation of alimentation, demanding of preparation, it must be carefully observed.


Suitable technological cooking procedures: Cook, stew, bake without fat, meals supplement with butter after their finishing, do not burn fat! Sauces thicken only by adding dressing or dry-fried flour.


Unsuitable technological cooking procedures: Frying, roasting in fat, processes by which a hard crust is formed, thickening by a roux.


Food selection:


Beverages: Tea, carbon dioxide-free mineral water, weak fruit juices.


Bakery products: Only white - white stick loaf, non-fat rolls. Pastries prepared from sponge dough supplemented with fine jam or whipped egg whites (baked).


Side dishes: Potato mush - in case of milk tolerance, otherwise diluted with potato stock. Potato rice, pasta, fine dumpling, rice.


Soups: Lean meat or carrot broth supplemented with rice or pasta, finely grated potatoes or carrots.


Meat: Only lean, veal, beef, pork, poultry, carp, fish fillets. Only stewed ham from smoked meats.


Fats: Spread only fresh butter on bakery products, add butter to dishes only after their completion.


Cheese: Low-fat, flavourless, non-fat curd cheese.


Eggs: In a smaller amount, separately as few as possible, it is better to put them into dishes.


Fruits: Raw only bananas, apricots only conserved without peel, peeled apples stew

until soft or mix.


Vegetables: Noraw vegetables at all, only carrots finely grated and stewed, carrot puree.



Un-allowed foods:


Beverages: Milk, coffee, cocoa, sharp fruit juices, alcohol, cola, tonic, beverages with carbon dioxide (containing CO2) - bubbles


Fruits: Raw, compote with hard peel and flesh - pear, pineapple, with grains - strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries.


Vegetables: No raw at all, sterilized or frozen at all, sterilized salads in pickle, kale, cabbage (no Chinese at all), kohlrabi, radish, leek, onion, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, cauliflower, horseradish….


Legumes: In any kind of preparation.


Mushrooms: In any kind of preparation, no mushroom extract at all.


Meat: Flitch, tallowy beef, very fat pork, smoked, mutton, game, fat fish, offal.


Smoked products: Salami, no soft and non-perishable frankfurters at all, sausages, white pudding, black pudding, brawn, paste, no canned meat at all. 


Fats: Tallow, lard, cracklings, whipping.  


Side dishes: Potatoes, yeast dumpling, fried potato fries and croquettes. 


Spice: All types.


Seasoning additives: Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, tartar sauce, choice salads.


Do not eat preserved and canned foods!

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